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Supporters of our mission

Friends of The French Hospital are active supporters of our mission to ensure that people in need have a place to call home. As a Friend of The French Hospital you share the values we place on providing a safe and secure living environment and a warm community too.

Together, we enable our residents to live active lives in the local community with access to healthcare, leisure and education. Friends of The French Hospital are ambassadors of our work, helping us spread the word that The French Hospital is an important charity that is making a big difference in the lives of those in need.

How the Friends help

Support from our Friends group enables our Residents to take part in the Anniversary Celebration in June and a special Christmas lunch too. These occasions are wonderful opportunities to bring our Residents together in celebration of the work of The French Hospital. Support from Friends helps us build links within the local community to enrich the lives of our Residents, and improve our facilities.


As a Friend of The French Hospital you will receive:

  • Quarterly newsletters and updates
  • Invitation to our Anniversary Celebration (held in June)
  • Invitation to attend exclusive Friends’ Day at a place of interest
  • Be the first to hear about volunteering opportunities at The French Hospital
  • Opportunities to meet others with a passion for Huguenot ancestry

You can support our work here at The French Hospital by becoming a Friend from just £10 per year:

  • Resident Membership £10
  • Individual Annual Membership £25
  • Joint Annual Membership £40
  • Individual Life Membership £150
  • Joint Life Membership £250

Gift Membership is available at any level
Membership can be paid by cheque, debit/credit card or Standing Order

Organise a fundraising event

It’s really simple to organise a fundraising event in support of The French Hospital in your local area. Talks about The French Hospital are always a hit, as are small dinners with family and friends and coffee mornings. Whatever you choose to do, our friendly Fundraising Manager is here to support you all the way.

To find out more about organising your own Friends event, please contact Natalie Tegg on 01634 406652 or via e-mail at

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