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Almshouse Association

The Almshouse Association provides advice and support to the 1,750 separate almshouse charities that form its membership.

Westminster French Protestant School Foundation

A fund is available for assistance with the cost of education of children and young people who are of Huguenot descent and in financial need.

The French Huguenot Church of London Charitable Trust

Assists young people, usually in secondary or higher education, but applications for younger children can be considered. Hardship cases are also considered under a separate section.

The Norwich French Church Charity

Half of the income of the charity is used to help the education and training of Norwich people. Priority is given to those who can trace descent from Huguenot families, and then to those whose education or training is threatened by financial difficulty.

Huguenot Society of South Carolina, USA

This society, in Charleston, South Carolina, maintains a close link with The French Hospital and the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland, also founded in 1885.

The Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland

In 1885 The Huguenot Society of London, now of Great Britain and Ireland, was formed by the directors of The French Hospital to promote the publication and interchange of knowledge about the Huguenots in Great Britain and Ireland, in France and worldwide, as with the passage of time, a good deal of this history was unknown to many Huguenot descendants. The French Hospital directors also aimed to form a bond of fellowship among those who, whether or not of Huguenot descent, respect and admire the Huguenots and seek to perpetuate their memory

City of Rochester Society

The City of Rochester Society was founded in 1967 to help conserve the historic City as a pleasant place to visit.

Medway Council Website

The Medway website contains information about the Cathedral, Castle, Dickens Centre and other interesting sites and festivals in and around Rochester and neighbouring Chatham.

Rochester Visitors Centre

Medway Council's award-winning Visitor Information Centre in Rochester is the ideal first port of call for visitors to the area. Whether you are planning a day trip or short-break in Medway, a warm welcome awaits you.
Tel: 01634 338141

Rochester Cathedral

The French Hospital celebrates its anniversary annually on a Saturday in June with Evensong in Rochester Cathedral, founded in A.D. 604, the second oldest in England. Directors, residents, Friends and their guests attend, and enjoy a strawberry tea in the crypt after the service.

L'Eglise Protestante Française de Londres

L´Eglise Protestante Française de Londres a été fondée en 1550 par la charte royale d´Edouard VI accordant la liberté de culte aux réfugiés protestants wallons et français.

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