Fundraising policy

The French Hospital


The French Hospital (The Charity) is committed to its charitable aims and fundraises in order to provide accommodation and support to Residents of The French Hospital.

This Policy outlines the Charity’s approach to fundraising and deals with issues related to its legal, ethical and social responsibilities in that respect.

All French Hospital staff and Directors involved in fundraising have a responsibility to understand and operate within the confines of this Policy.

The Charity respects the right of its supporters to clear, truthful information on the work of The French Hospital; it will openly report how it spends donated and statutory monies and will manage donors’ information responsibly.

The Charity will comply with Charity Commission guidance and UK fundraising law and seek to deal with its supporters and members of the public with openness and honesty.

The Charity adheres to regulations set out by the Fundraising Regulator in the Code of Fundraising Practice, which help to ensure that organisations raising money for charity from the public do so honestly and properly.

All personal data is collected and held in compliance with current Data Protection legislation (See section on Data Protection, below).

Our vision

The French Hospital as a top-tier of almshouse provider; well maintained accommodation that enables Residents to operate independently, for longer. Residents of The French Hospital are a part of a community in which they enjoy their quality of life and where loneliness and isolation are uncommon.

Fundraising activities

The core function of Community Engagement and Fundraising team is two-fold: to broaden the supporter base through engagement activities, and to raise funds for The French Hospital. The Team is working to ensure that The French Hospital is known and well supported at local, regional and national levels.

Fundraising supports the development of the Charity’s buildings and facilities, and also supports initiatives to reduce loneliness and isolation amongst our residents.

Funds are sought from a variety of sources, including: trusts and foundations, individuals, Friends of The French Hospital, major donors, events, legacies from individuals, and corporate support.


The Charity abides by the law, which requires it, in deciding whether to accept or refuse a donation, to consider which action is in the Charity’s best overall interest. It will not undertake business with companies or individuals who participate in activities that could cause detriment to the Charity’s reputation.

Commercial partners

The French Hospital will not endorse products, treatments or companies.

Use of donations

Supporters may restrict their donations to support specific area of work at The French Hospital, by providing written instructions to that effect. The Charity will always respect such wishes.

Data Protection

Data protection law in England and Wales is primarily found in the Data Protection Act 1998 (‘DPA’). With effect from 25th May 2018, the DPA will be repealed and superseded by the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’). The Data Protection Act 2017 will supplement the GDPR. In this policy, any reference to the Data Protection Legislation means the DPA, or the GDPR, as supplemented by the Data Protection Act 2017 (‘DPA 17‘), whichever is in force at the time.

Data Processing

Friends of The French Hospital and supporters: The Charity processes personal data of Friends of The French Hospital, those who have attended or enquired about events, and those who might have supported the Charity in other ways. The Charity processes such personal data in order to administer the Community Engagement function effectively.

Donors and Potential Donors: The Charity processes personal data of past, present and prospective donors. The personal data held includes financial and contact details. The Charity processes such personal data in order to administer the Fundraising function effectively – and in particular to seek donations.

Detail on the processing of data for fundraising purposes is contained in the Privacy Policy, which is available to the public on the Charity’s website.

Information collected

Information collected may include, but is not limited to, name, email address, mailing address, phone numbers, payment information, information related to enquiries about events and becoming a Friend of The French Hospital, along with anonymous information about use of our website.

Information may be used to:

  • Process donations (including processing of Gift Aid and administering legacies)
  • Administer events
  • Provide the services, products or information that have been asked for
  • Support fundraising activities
  • Keep a record of relationship with the Charity
  • Record and react to contact preferences
  • Understand how to improve the Friends’ Scheme, events, and the presentation of information in printed materials and on the website.

Data Retention

Financial information that is collected is held securely and deleted on an ongoing basis, in accordance with the Charity’s records retention policy. Credit card details are not stored.

Data held regarding Donors, Friends of The French Hospital, and other supporters will be retained for 7 years after notification of death, or a request is made to delete the data.

Data held regarding potential donors will be destroyed when it becomes clear that they are not to be approached, or 7 years after they have been identified as a prospect, whichever is sooner.

Data Security

Personal data for fundraising supporters, enquirers and prospects is kept in a locked filing cabinet, or password protected IT systems, with access only by the Clerk and the Head of Fundraising & Community Engagement.

Respecting privacy and contact preferences

The Charity will respect the privacy and contact preferences of all donors and will respond promptly to requests to amend contact details, including the removal of contact details from the fundraising database.

Direct Marketing

The Charity will contact donors, supporters and Friends of The French Hospital with updates on the work of The French Hospital, to promote events, and to ask for donations or other support.

Information and event opportunities from other organisations may be included in Friends of The French Hospital Newsletters. This is done to give Friends and supporters an opportunity to be an active part of the wider Huguenot story.

The Charity will communicate with Friends and supporters in a way that suits them. Marketing pro forma will include clear marketing preference questions and information on how to opt out. Preferences can be changed at any time – by contacting the Head of Community Engagement and Fundraising on 01634 406 652, or by e-mail at , or by post.

Third Parties

Third Party Processors – The Charity uses third party processors to administrate the Community Engagement and Fundraising function. Third party processors include, but are not limited to – website developer, accountant, fundraising database provider, and cloud based storage provider. All Third Party Processors will have provided written statements to the effect that their use of data meets the requirements of GDPR. The Charity will only use processors that guarantee they will meet the requirements of the GDPR and will protect the data rights of individuals.

Third Party Marketing – The Charity will not sell or share personal details to third parties for the purposes of marketing.  But, if an event is run in partnership with another named organisation, personal details may need to be shared. In that event, individuals will be given clear details about what will happen to their data, when they register.

Third Party Enforcement Agencies – The Charity has a duty to share personal information with third parties, regulatory or law enforcement agencies if it believes in good faith that it is required by law to do so.